Songs From a Lorikeet Triadic 1 Triadic 2 Triadic 3 Small Songs Small Songs Vespers 1 Vespers 2

From the installation fields of relations, boxes of jewels: ANU School of Art Gallery, September 2015:

Shatter Push and Pull
Untitled Small Songs Small Songs Small Songs Untitled Untitled Clash
Untitled 2 Primary Grid Untitled 4 Untitled 5 Untitled 6 Florentine Palette Molly's Palette Amundurrgnu Boogie Descending Descending Manuscript Manuscript
Angampentye....Angampentye Bundanon....Bundanon Two Ways McDonald…Untitled McDonald…Untitled McDonald…Untitled Pmere Udepata Utnenge Country History Painting No.1 History Painting No.2 Language Place Reflection Untitled Untitled
Bundanon - Pulipt Rock Bundanon - Single Woman’s Hut – Topos Bundanon - Single Woman’s Hut – Lichens and Moss Bundanon - Single Woman’s Hut – Banksias and Spotty Gum Bundanon - Single Woman’s Hut – Mist Bundanon - Sky Bundanon - Topos Dark Mountain Descent Boxed Landscape The Idea Of North The Idea of North
Dutch Lace Lull Spill Purple Span Ritratto Feminile Ritratto Feminile Feminile Periodic Intrada Vessel Vessel Vessel Vessel Periodic Post Factum Periodic Nothingness

This group represents a selection of oil on canvas paintings made between 1987 to 1989:

Oil on Canvas, 1987-1989 Oil on Canvas, 1987-1989 Oil on Canvas, 1987-1989 Oil on Canvas, 1987-1989 Oil on Canvas, 1987-1989 Oil on Canvas, 1987-1989 Oil on Canvas, 1987-1989 Oil on Canvas, 1987-1989 Oil on Canvas, 1987-1989 Oil on Canvas, 1987-1989

Statement: March 2017

I am interested in how order and randomness, chance and the arbitrary can play out in painting, carried by a conversation between relationships of colour and space. My paintings are responses to the phenomenological experience of place and its cultural forms, spaces of immediacy and improvisation. Manipulating paint and colour, constructing and re-constructing, makes for the experience of the unexpected, a sense of the unfinished at the end stage. The viewer can add her own perceptions to the experience.


Following the showing of Seven Songs for a Lorikeet at Factory 49 in April 2017, I will be participating in a cross-cultural music, painting and poetry collaboration at the University of Western Sydney, organised by Dr Bruce Crossman. Called Poetic Energies Across Sonic Space it will, through a series of performances ‘explore the Chinese cross-art form attitude of the Chinese literati towards artistic creation and scholarship’. I’ll be collaborating with the composer Andrean Pertout and the poet A J Carruthers. A video of the collaboration is available here.

This event will be followed by a residency and show in Paris at the gallery Abstract Project in August - September.

In October I shall be presenting at the Sofitel Melbourne, a group of paintings The Sound Of One Hand - Vespers.

In September 2015 I completed my PhD (CASS/Painting Workshop, ANU) with my exhibition Fields of relations, boxes of jewels held at the School of Art Gallery at the ANU in Canberra. This project commenced in 2010.

My work has a cross-cultural/cross-disciplinary focus, forming in the landscape and place of the Central Desert, west of Alice Springs, then incorporating different cultural forms of both western and indigenous traditions.

In November 2015 I had the opportunity to participate in the Melbourne group Speak Percussion’s percussion performance for the Melbourne Festival, called a wave and waves by the American composer, Michael Pisaro, an experience rather like being within one of my paintings, grid-based and interwoven with colours, textures and sounds.

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